BIOGRAPHY | Born in 1978 in France

As I was growing up in unpredictable ways, my career as an artist began in earnest.
A Spiderman toy in one hand, a disheveled Barbie doll whose body I painted over in the other, my foot hit a railing.
I fell alongside a charming young man who told me his name was Art.
Surprised, I screamed.
I was undeniably drawn to so many colors and cues.
Head first, I jumped in this artistic bath in his company: he showed me Haring’s drawings, took me to see Pignon Ernest’s frail and bent out bodies, led me to discover the round colors of Futura 2000, initiated me to Caravaggio’s semi-lit canvases, and the golden Orthodox icons, using the tip of my fingers, I touched the enchanted reliefs of Michelangelo’s sculptures, and had me taste the unfinished paintings from this Mexican artist with joined eyebrows.
I was fascinated by what he showed me; enthralled, I drank his every word.
I fell in love.
And soon enough, I started to paint compulsively.
I drew and discovered a language other than words to convey what I felt.
With my fingers, I shaped, with my heart, I expressed myself, I was rebelling.
In the background of this overflow of creative energy, my mother jerked to beatniks’ rhythms while my grand-mother cheered for her favorite teams on TV.
Indubitably,  everything I learned from him got mixed up with my child’s games and fantasies.
And soon enough, I decided to get married with Art.
From this union, came forth paintings about childhood, love, dreams, rebellion, desires, frustrations, liberation, happiness.
Today I know why I paint.

I paint to show my soul that I am indeed the Goddess of my world map and that together with Art, we live an absolute if only imperfect love.